What to do with those potato peels !

I dislike wasting anything more than I have to. When you peel potatoes do you put them in your compost or just simply throw them away? Putting them in the compost is a responsible act, if you garden, but if you don’t I have an idea for you to try. We all know how pricey yummy potato skins can be, even with a coupon. So here’s how to accomplish a tasty snack while cooking those peeled potatoes. 1) be sure to wash you potatoes before you peel them or you may wash your peels after they are separated from the potato. 2) start your main potato dish while your skins set aside to slightly air dry.

potato peels 3

3) in a baking dish spray your desired non stick spray or coat your dish with a little oil of your choice.

potato peels 4

4) now place your peelings in your dish. * for crunchy skins lay them in a single layer.*

potato peels 2

5) bake at 375 for about 15-25 min. depending upon your crunch desire.

6) when your tasty skins come out of the oven add your desired toppings. My family prefers garlic salt, Parmesan cheese, and a touch of pepper.

potato peels   * as you have noticed there are a few skins missing already in this pic. My hubby and son happened in as I removed them from the oven. Need less to say they don’t last long in our home.

Now here’s the best thing about this snack, you didn’t throughout the most vitamin rich part of the potato! Also if these are just not your idea of a tasty snack then make them for your four-legged friends. Dogs love these treats and potatoes are perfectly fine for them. I omit the pepper and sprinkle a little chicken bouillon on top. Our dogs can’t get enough and these treats and they are way cheaper than store-bought. Enjoy!

By B

About thecraftyprepper

We are two friends who are always trying to find new ways to save money, take care of our families, and prepare for the future, all while remembering to have fun!
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